"If there's ever anything I can do for you -- when you've reached the legal drinking age, that is -- let me know."

The personification of St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day (Patty) is a leprechaun-like figure with an Irish accent who wears mostly green. He and Valentine's Day attempt to enlist Daria's help to restore the proper social order to Holiday Island.

An oddly driven individual, Patty seems determined to bring Christmas, Halloween, and Guy Fawkes Day back to Holiday Island, even though they're jerks. After Daria blows him off, he tries to get Brittany and Kevin to help, but can't get them to understand his position.

His breath always smells of green beer, though he claims not to drink.

He and Valentine's Day are obviously not up to the task of getting the three runaways back to Holiday Island, and end up tied together in a closet. After being released, Patty takes on a role as DJ for the Holiday High prom, nearly causing a boycott.

(If none of this seems to make any sense, blame the writers.)


First Appearance: Depth Takes a Holiday