"Now, I'm gonna throw this. If you catch it, you get to kick me in the head. If you miss it, I'll kill you."

No name given. Potential replacement quarterback for Lawndale High.

This surly man is interviewed by Ms. Li for the position of Lawndale Lions Quarterback during Kevin's recovery from a knee injury. According to his transcript, he's been going to high school for six years (he's definitely older than the average high school senior).

His season was cut short one year because the offensive line had a "mishap" - they made him mad. Ms. Li finds him scary, but enlists him anyway.

Among his motivational techniques for the team is to threaten them with death if they fail to catch the ball. Upon learning this, Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie choose to just keep running, leaving their new QB a little dejected. Apparently, this sort of thing happens to him everywhere he goes.


First Appearance: A Tree Grows in Lawndale