"You know, Jeffy still sleeps with a teddy bear."

One of Quinn's three constant followers whose name starts with "J", last name unknown.

Like his cohorts Jamie and Jeffy, Joey is on the football team, is not terribly bright, and has an unhealthy obsession with Quinn.

On one occasion, Joey misheard O’Neill and was led to believe that Daria was actually an "atomic communist", and that Jane was an alien.

Along with the other two-thirds of the J's, Joey was once invited to join the Fashion Club (he was tricked into coming to the meeting by Stacy, who said there would be pictures of girls in bikinis). When the boys realized why they were really there, they ran.

Joey may be dyslexic, or at least he has used that as an excuse for poor performance in DeMartino's class.

Joey's steady relationship with Quinn was a complete washout, as he never even made it through the front door. Although he had a evening of fine dining planned, Quinn decided at the last minute that she wanted to go to the Guys to Guys concert instead, refusing to accept that there were no more tickets. When Joey tried to explain the impossibility of Quinn's request, she dumped him and slammed the door in his face.


First Appearance: The Invitation