"Hey, Quinn! It's *Jamie*."

One of Quinn's three constant followers whose name starts with "J", also the only one who has been given a last name.

Like his cohorts Jeffy and Joey, Jamie is on the football team, is not terribly bright, and has an unhealthy obsession with Quinn. For some reason, Quinn often has difficulty remembering his name. He doesn't seem to mind for the most part. Actually, almost everyone has trouble remembering his name.

Jamie thinks Mr. Thompson (Kevin's dad) is funny.

Along with the other two-thirds of the J's, Jamie was once invited to join the Fashion Club (he was tricked into coming to the meeting by Stacy, who said there would be pictures of girls in bikinis). When the boys realized why they were really there, they ran.

Jamie has a poster of a football player over the desk in his room.

Jamie does have the distinction of being Quinn's first steady boyfriend, even though their relationship didn't last the day. Quinn called him on the night they started going out and talked his ear off for over four hours, until Jamie had to run for the bathroom and missed a critical moment in the conversation, leading Quinn to dump him for not listening. One might hope that he's learned his lesson, unlikely though that may be.


First Appearance: The Invitation