"No thanks, Kevin. I've got plans that night to... um, read a newspaper."

No last name given. Lawndale High school cheerleader.

Angie seems rather smarter than Brittany (no big accomplishment). She considers Brittany a friend, and rejects Kevin's occasional advances based on that. It also seems that she finds Kevin annoying, and would likely reject him on that basis alone were it not for Brittany.

She's known Brittany and Kevin for some time, based on her knowledge of some of their relationship problems in the past.

At the Jackson Pollock Tribute Dance, Angie lets Brittany know that her date Robert dances like a big geek. She also informs Brittany that Kevin is using excessive smiles on the female customers to It's a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World.

Angie is concerned about Brittany's uncharacteristic behavior on the occasion when O'Neill gives his students an assignment to deliberately fail at something, with the result that Brittany tries to be unpopular - and succeeds. When Lisa (another cheerleader) argues that Brittany should be kicked off the squad, Angie argues against this at first, but later concedes. When the assignment is over, she and the other cheerleaders let her back in.

During the Homecoming parade, Angie serves as "Football Sweetheart" an elected position, the duties of which involve standing on the football team's float next to Kevin and waving at the crowd. Kevin insists that her duties also involve being hugged and touched by him, a prospect Angie finds unappealing and disrespectful to her friend Brittany. It is not known what her reaction is to Kevin touching her butt, an act which causes Brittany to stomp off in a huff, which ultimately ruins the entire parade.

Along with her fellow cheerleaders, Angie was accepted into Great Prairie State University.


First Appearance: Daria Dance Party