"Is that loser still talking?"

No last name given. One of the unfortunates on Quinn's list of boys popular enough to date.

Corey seems to be rather high on himself, something of a jerk, and thinks he's a lot funnier than he really is - in other words, the usual too-popular-for-his-own-good high schooler. He speaks in a sqeaky voice that sounds like it hasn't fully matured.

He hooks up with Quinn shortly after she started at Lawndale, and was one of many in the audience who heard the revelation that Daria was Quinn's sister. Presumably, this didn't turn him off of dating her, because he shows up at her door wielding flowers later on. He was shocked to learn that she couldn't go out with him because she had to write an essay.

Corey later took Quinn to the Jackson Pollock Tribute Dance (along with another guy, presumably Quinn's emergency backup date). Mistakenly assuming that Quinn was responsible for the decorations (it was really Jane) he complimented her on them, whereupon she took all the credit. He tried to slow-dance with her at one point, but was reminded in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t do that until after the fifth date. The night ends badly as the three J's (Joey, Jeffy, Jamie) attack Corey and his friend for dating Quinn.

Corey and Quinn are in History class together with Mr. DeMartino.


First Appearance: Esteemsters