March 27, 2005


Brother Grimace
Itís All About Respect: Chapter 1
Itís All About Respect: Chapter 2
Itís All About Respect: Chapter 3
Itís All About Respect: Chapter 4
Itís All About Respect: Chapter 5
Itís All About Respect: Chapter 6
Itís All About Respect: Chapter 7
A ĎSickí Daria Commercial
A Slice Of Pizza
Another Stupid Daria Internship Fic
BTG-4 Submission
Getting On With Living
Lunch Hour In Lawndale
The Bear and The Unicorn
The Almond Ninjas!
The Devil In Miss Morgendorffer
Unca Trentís Advice
The Big Wedding
Victory Lane
The Thieving Pizza Fairies
The Visitations Series
The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow
Shipping Overnight
Heís The QB

CharlieGirl & et alia
Illusions: The Unswerving Punctuality of--

The Dammitall Run: Chapter 0
Steel Jaguar God Battle Oxidiser X
The Spiked 6-Pack

Dr Mike
For Roger 2
One Night in Bangkok

E. A. Smith
Seven Days
Nowhere Man
The Love's Labours Trilogy
Love's Labours Lost?
Love's Labours in Ruins
Love's Labours Renewed

Guy Payne

Napalm Krigbaum
Highland Blues: If You Want Fashion You Got It
Why I Hate Nachos
Chick Police

Psycho Tol
Living Dead Girls 3: Baptism Of Fire

Ranger Thorne
Cynical Symphonies
Passive-Aggressive and Armed, Oh My

Richard Lobinske
West Lawndale Grand Ballroom Gown
Alien Home
Minor revisions to multiple fics
Falling Into College
Silver Lining
Freedom Of Speech
Boston Baked Band
Lost Eagles Found
The Parents Are At Rest
Back Aboard
Minor revisions to multiple fics
The Last Summer
Minor revisions to multiple fics
The John Lane Series
Can I Just Have The Coffee?
Daria Temporal Analysis Project

Steve Cross
Free Your Mind Instead

The Angst Guy
April Showers
When the Torrent of That Time Comes Pouring Back

Yui Daoren
Fixed broken links on multiple fics

Fan Art

John Leese
Sexier Daria without glasses

Kemical Reaxion
Daria's yearbook picture Jane at the prom Sibling Rivalry

Napalm Krigbaum
And we're still happy these two were the rejects. Partying hard or hardly partying? She's smiling on the inside.

Psycho Tol
Jane and Joy ['Living Dead Girls' by Psycho Tol]

Redleg Rick
From Caneman's work in progress fic, 'Working Girl: South of the Border.' Daria & Jane after they are released from the van of a kidnapper who has driven them to Texas from Lawndale. From the unfinished fic 'Redemption.' Daria & Jane flee through the desert heading toward Highland. From the unfinished fic 'Redemption.' Sketch for someone's fanfic about a younger Daria. From the unfinished fic 'Mr. Morgendorffer Goes To Washington' where Daria is one of his campaign workers. Daria, Jane, and Quinn in their younger days. Daria 'dolls' herself up for her 
shift behind the bar. ['Shaken, Not Stirred' by Rick Hennigan]

Richard Lobinske
Daria's adopted children's gift. ['Alien Pond' by Richard Lobinske] Daria in Kimono with naginata. ['Band of Bothers' by Richard Lobinske] Daria as Princess Katherine in Henry V ['Boston Baked Band' by Richard Lobinske] Darius Morgendorffer ['Darius' by The Angst Guy] Title character of John and the John Lane series. ['John' by Richard Lobinske] Vincent meets Lindy. ['Quinn the Tutor' by Richard Lobinske]

Removed all fan art


Added Three Minutes for Daria to the Take Action! page.
Updated Highlights section on main page.
Added Daria's Domain to the Links page.
Removed Cyber Daria, Daria...Tribute From Australia, The Padded Walls, and Yui Daoren's Stories of Change from the link page (broken links).