Mr Anonymous

The Self-Made Woman During a routine conversation between Daria and Jane, a dark Morgendorffer family secret is revealed.
The A.D. Universe A series of 21 fics involving life after high school for Daria and her family. Includes "Quinn," "Return to Lawndale," "Road Trip," and more.
Sisters Prequel to "The Self-Made Woman." After not speaking for twelve years, Helen and Amy cross paths while on vacation.
Party Favors An ultra-short Halloween fic. Quinn trusts Daria with an important Fashion Club responsibility. Big mistake!
What the...? An alternate universe, where Quinn is a boy, Monique is actually nice, and Trent can't remember Daria's name. What's up with that?
Quality Time and a Half Daria and Quinn participate in "Take Your Daughter To Work Day."
Tiffany Blum-Deckler Delve into Tiffany's past and find out why this slow-talking Fashion Clubber behaves the way she does.
A Day In The Married Life Another take on the Daria/Trent thing.
Suffering In Silence Daria and Quinn experience grief and acceptance.
Venison The home economics class prepare some very special dishes, and Kevin makes an ass of himself.
Yes, Mr. Sloane I-i-i-i-t's Evil Tom!
Rest Stop Quinn goes to meet Sandi, and they have a lot to talk about.
Citizen Lane In the future, Trent's niece goes in search of the truth.
Afternoon At The Mall A day of mother-daughter bonding.