Deref & Thea Zara

  • All My Children: Chapter 4
  • All My Children: Chapter 5
  • All My Children: Chapter 6
  • All My Children: Chapter 7
  • All My Children: Chapter 8
  • All My Children: Chapter 9


    The Iron Cynic Series
  • Way of the Cynic
  • Late Epiphany
  • Under the Principles Orders
  • One Night is All I Ask

    Dr Mike
  • Top Ten, um, Eight Scenes from Dr. Mike Fics That He Can't Fit in Elsewhere #4
  • Top Ten #5 - Daria Scenes Stolen from the Movies and Other Places

    Galen Hardesty
  • A Date For Harold
  • A Trip to the Mall
  • The Luckiest Day
  • Moving On
  • I Heard The Dogwhistle Bird Today
  • Teen Angel
  • Bessie The Red-Eyed Mad Cow
  • A Gupty Christmas
  • A Little Knowledge

  • The Puzzle

  • Sick, Sad, Millenium: Part 6

    Richard Lobinske

    The Last Summer Series
  • Comforting a Confused Soul
  • It Was Your Idea
  • Something For You

    The Falling Into College Series
  • Boarding the Raft
  • Returning Nightmare
  • Lindy and the Knight
  • Freshman Spread

  • Requiem for an Amiga
  • Fan Art Chris Smith
  • WWF Smackdown Collection 1 [38 updated images]
  • WWF Smackdown Collection 2 [37 updated images]
  • WWF Smackdown Collection 3 [32 updated images]
  • WWF Smackdown Collection 4 [29 updated images]
  • WWF Smackdown Collection 5 [28 updated images]

    Cygna Vamp
  • Upchuck as a My Little Pony [Individuals]
  • Tiffany and Stacy as My Little Ponies [Groups]

    Kemical Reaxion
  • Fashion Club Bratz [Groups]
  • Quinn as a Bratz doll [Individuals]
  • Sandi as a Bratz doll [Individuals]
  • Stacy as a Bratz doll [Individuals]
  • Tiffany as a Bratz doll [Individuals]

    Richard Lobinkske
  • Daria as a Valkyrie [Individuals]
  • Daria as Wealhtheow, Hrothgar's Queen in 'Beowulf' [Individuals]

    Wouter Jaegers
  • Daria at a Pokémon trading card game ["Guilty Pleasures" by Erin Mills]
  • Jane enjoying her karaoke machine ["Guilty Pleasures" by Erin Mills]
  • Other
  • Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Ever Have! IV [Tidbits]
  • New Contact MTV page containing snail mail address and phone number for MTV Home Video Department. [Take Action]