Napalm Kracken

Daria (Slight Return) As the host of her own small Canadian radio show, Daria has not been doing well for herself since graduation. But all that is about to change.
Beautiful Day Everyone deserves some rest and time off...unless your name is Daria Morgendorffer.
Another Beautiful Day Daria and Jane hit the road in an effort to get their graphic novel published. Now all they need is a ride to the New Jersey tri-county area...
Yet Another Beautiful Day Snobbish preppies, crooked editors, and pure Gonzo journalism. Just another beautiful day in the life of Daria Morgendorffer.
Insomniac It was a little after sunset when the wanderlust began to take hold. Daria's savage journey into the heart of Lawndale's night life.
The Highland Blues:
How can life get worst for Daria Morgendorffer? On one hand she has to cover a local fashion show for the school paper, on the other her mom needs her to get involved with a Thanksgiving parade. Wait, she lives in the same town as Beavis & Butt-Head; that's how.
Highland Blues:
If You Want Fashion You Got It
In the aftermath of the parade incident Daria has to come up with something good for the school paper; if she fails it means the ultimate punishment...more extracurricular activities. Where's a by-line when you need one?
Why I Hate Nachos My original Daria in Highland story from 2001. It explains why Morgendorffers and nachos don't mix.
Chick Police Daria, the boys and a pair of handcuffs. I swear it's nothing kinky.
Daria Disenfranchised A 'movie script' for Daria Fresh from Highland Daria Morgendorffer gets fresh on her new locale of Lawndale.
Daria Disenfranchised Part II Another 'movie script' for Daria Daria and Jane... until death does them apart. (No, it's not really that serious)